Time to put your site through its paces: from typos to where it ranks on Google 
Our website health check gives you a full picture of your website’s performance and how it could improve.  
It’s free. It’s easy. And there’s no obligation to go any further. 
What’s a health check? 
Think of it like a fitness test. But instead of measuring strength, speed, and endurance we look at grammar, page loading time, and search results. 
Why are these things important? Because spelling mistakes, broken links and pages that are too slow to load send your clients running to a competitor instead. 
Search engines don’t look kindly on these mistakes either. So your site gets pushed down the rankings, relegated to the distant pages of search results. That makes it much harder for potential clients to find you. 
The good news? We can show you how to get your site back into shape. Here’s what we look for: 
Words – get the basics of grammar and spelling right to keep Google and your clients happy 
Page loading time – your site needs to load in less than three seconds. Any longer and people will go elsewhere. 
Responsive – is your site mobile-friendly? If it doesn’t work on your client’s phone, it doesn’t work. 
Search results – how easy are you to find on Google? Are you losing out to your competitors? 

   Is your website working as hard as you do? Take the test to find out.