it'seeze Preston - The web designers who also coach! 

At it'seeze Preston our Consultants are also qualified workplace coaches so not only do we provide you with a quality, affordable and responsive website we also provide you with on going coaching as part of the package! 

So what is coaching? 

"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance."  
Sir John Whitmore 1996 
Coaching is a flexible technique for improving performance and learning ability. It involves a dynamic interaction rather than a one way flow of information. Coaching is different to other forms of development such as mentoring or training. Mentoring is the long term passing on of support, guidance and advice and focuses on helping an individual manage their careers and improve skills.  
The role of the Coach is to help the client reach their own solutions using advanced skills of listening, questioning and reflection to create effective conversations for the client.  

An effective coach 

Maintains their commitment to support the client 
Remains detached and non-judgemental 
Builds their coaching relationships on honesty, openness and trust 
Believes that the client is responsible for the results they are creating 
Believes that the client is capable of much better results than they are generating 
Maintains their focus on what the client thinks and experiences 
Believes that coaches can generate perfect solutions 
Ensures that their coaching conversations are based on equality 
Julie Starr 2008 

How will coaching benefit you? 

You will have access to our unique content management system, your it'seeze Preston consultant will provide you with as much coaching as you need to ensure you are getting the most out of the system as part of the package.  
You will also have access to the It'seeze analytics as well as Google analytics and webmaster tools. Your it'seeze Preston consultant will coach and support you to ensure you can make the most out of the tools available and get your site ranking as high as possible. 
Your consultant will be available at the end of the phone or e mail to support you whilst also utilising the amazing resources available on our support site.  
Why not contact us for your free consultation to find out more about how coaching can help your business!